New Year's pine decoration cone : Original Designed Cone

New Year's pine decoration cone

Briefcase Go-Kart Track

The product is a completely self-contained go-kart game with two carts, a 2 metre track, two controllers, a stop watch and a 9V battery block for 5 hours gaming power. Pleese don’t ask why it is being sold in such a gorgeous aluminium briefcase as that is their little secret.
(proidee.de: €598.00/ via redferret.net)

Read to three children on rocking chair : Storytime Rocking Chair

Hal Taylor, a custom rocking chair maker in Fredericksburg, Virginia, wanted to read to his three small children while they all shared a conventional rocking chair.

Less Friction Billiard Bridging : Cue-V

Bridging has never been easier than with the brilliant Cue-V from Boysstuff. Benefit from less friction from sticky hands or a sticky cue, and better cue control from absolutely any position. All you have to do is whack this little plastic gem on your hand making sure it's in the correct position with the V pushed back between the base of your thumb and forefinger and you're away.
(?/ boysstuff.co.uk: £5.95)

Dual lense digital camera : EasyShare V705

A digital camera with wide-angle lense and 3X optical zoom lense selects automatically the proper one of the two depending on the scene desired.
(kodak.com: $500.00/ via nikkei.co.jp)